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Apple OS X Time Server Synchronization



The default setting on Apple OS X is to keep the machine's time in sync with time servers run by Apple.  This requires more ports opened up in your firewall, and can cause confusion on your network since you would not have one central time source if you used Apple for your OS X computers, and something else for your Windows computers (and possibly a 3rd time source for you HVAC system, clocks, and so on).  It's good practice to set all your various devices to poll from one place.  SecureSchool acts as a convenient time server for all your devices to sync their time from.  SecureSchool will get it's time from servers in our office, which sync to the US Navy clocks.

Applies To

SecureSchool, ISBossBox, LibraryDoor, Apple OS X

More Information

To set any OS X computer to poll it's time from a specific time source, simply click on the clock on the top right of the screen, and click "Date & Time Preferences".  That will give you a window similar to this:

Next to "Set date and time automatically:", type in the IP address of your SecureSchool appliance, then close the window. 

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