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The in-browser ActiveX installer for Adobe Shockwave does not know how to authenticate to a proxy server, so the installation process will hang and fail.  You can either download the EXE file and install it outside the browser (, or allow everyone to install it using this fix to bypass authentication for the necessary sites by adding an Authentication Exception.

Applies To

SecureSchool, ISBossBox, LibraryDoor, Adobe Shockwave

More Information

The installer requires two Authentication Exceptions to be added to SecureSchool:

  1. Go to "Website Filtering" -> "Authentication Exceptions"
  2. Add an entry for ""
  3. Add an entry for ""

Once you've added the two Authentication Exceptions, you need to also unfilter those sites as well.  All authentication exceptions get filtered by one particular filter set, which is indicated in the teal colored box.  Make a note of this filter set.

Now, unfilter those sites for the right filter set:

  • Go to "Website Filtering" -> "Website Access"
  • Select the filter set that you noted above (the filter set authentication exceptions go to)
  • Click on Add A Site
  • Add "" as unfiltered
  • Also add "" as unfiltered

Now that you've added the two authentication exceptions and unfiltered the sites for the correct filter set, you can go to "Commit Changes" and restart.

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