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These are instructions for how to configure an Android based device to check your K12USA WebMailPRO mail.  These were done using an device that runs Android 2.1, but the process should be very similar on other versions.

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WebMailPRO, Android

More Information

  1. Before you can configure the phone, your account must be setup for POP3 access.  Contact your WebMailPRO administrator and they can do this for you by editing your user.
  2. Pull open the app list, and select the "Email" app.
  3. If you do not have any email accounts setup, this will start the wizard.  Enter your email address & password, then press "Next"
  4. Select POP3
  5. Fill in the following values (in this order):
    • Username: your full email address
    • Password: should already be correct, so leave it be
    • POP3 server:
    • Security Type: SSL (Accept all certificates)
    • Delete email from server: "When I delete from Inbox"
    • Port: should be now set to 995.  If it's not, set it to 995.
  6. The device will now verify that your settings are correct.  If they are not, it will error and tell you.  Verify everything is right and try again.  99% of the time, your username or password are wrong, so start by re-entering them and trying again.
  7. Once it verifies the incoming server, you setup the outgoing server.  Set these fields (in this order):
    • SMTP server:
    • Security type: SSL (Accept all certificates)
    • Check the box "Require sign-in"
    • Username: Should already be filled in
    • Password: Should already be filled in
    • Port: Should now be "465".  If it's not, change it to "465"
  8. Next, it asks you about options for the account.  Select the options you'd like...these are our recommendations.  Remember, the more often you check you mail, the faster your battery goes down:
    • Email checking frequency: "Every 15 minutes"
    • Send email from this account by default: If this is your main mail account, or the only account on the phone, check the box
    • Notify me when email arrives:  Check the box if you want it chime when new mail comes in
  9. Lastly, give the account a name (for example, "Work") and enter your full name, then press "Done"
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