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Downloading Google Earth requires an extra step with a proxy server. After installation Google Earth opens several concurrent "browser" sessions to multiple servers.  If you use NTLM as an authentication method with the latest version of Google Earth, it will work fine.  However, if you are using LDAP or SSB/ISB authentication, you'll get several pop-ups asking for proxy login information.  To make Google Earth work without having to enter your username and password several times before you can use it, you need to create several Authentication Exceptions.

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SecureSchool, ISBossBox, LibraryDoor, Google Earth

More Information

An extra step is needed to download Google Earth. On the download page

Uncheck the option to install Chrome if it is there. 

Click the plus sign to the right "Advanced setup" 

Uncheck the option "Allow Google Earth to automatically install recommended updates". 

Click "Agree and Download" to finish downloading.

After installing Google Earth make the changes below.

To create an Authentication Exception, go to "Website Filtering" -> "Authentication Exceptions" -> "Add A Site".  Add entries for the following sites:


Once you add those sites, go to "Commit Changes" and the restart.  Google Earth should now work fine.

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