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Microsoft Exchange 2007 Setup Instructions

MessageGuard Appliance


When using MessageGuard with Microsoft Exchange, you first need to configure Exchange to perform "journaling" on the messages going through the Exchange system.  These instructions are for Exchange 2007.  If you need to setup Exchange 2000 or 2003, see .

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MessageGuard, Exchange 2007

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  1. Make an account for the journaling ("messageguard" for example).  This account needs to have a very secure / strong password, since every piece of mail will be temporarily stored in this mailbox.  We recommend using at least one special character, one number, and mixed case.  A random string of characters works best.
  2. In the Exchange Management Console, navigate to "Server Configuration" -> "Mailbox".  In the top right pane, select the server that contains you mailbox datastores.  In the bottom, right click on a mailbox database and click on "Properties".  Check the box for "Journal Recipient", and select the "messageguard" account you created in step 1.  Once the account is selected, click "OK" to close the properties page.  Repeat this process for each of your mailbox databases on all of your Exchange servers.
  3. Make sure POP3 is enabled for the server. ("Server Configuration" -> "Client Access" -> select your server -> "POP3 and IMAP4")  This may be off in the Services applet in the Control Panel too...check to make sure it's not disabled there. Set the service for Automatic and make sure the service is Started.

Once you've completed the above steps, call customer service at 877-225-0100 and we'll finish the setup process with you and test to make sure mail is getting routed correctly.

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