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Transparent Filtering


The Transparent Filtering add-on feature can be used to allow access your mail with a mail app.  To do this you have to make port access rules to allow the ports that your mail app needs to use.

Applies To

SecureSchool, ISBossBox, LibraryDoor

More Information

The mail apps / programs on these devices connect to the configured mail server using either POP3 or IMAP to receive mail, and SMTP to send mail. You need to make these ports accessible for each filter set you want to have mail access.

If you want to allow mail apps on a device to access only "authorized" mail servers, then you want to add a rule like this in the Port Access Rules. For example if you want the app to have access to your mail account follow the steps below.

Go to "Website Filtering" -> choose a filter set -> "Port Access" -> "Add An Allowed Port Rule".

  • Port: 25
  • Type: SSL/HTTPS
  • Site: your mail server's domain (example
  • Select the appropriate filter set for this rule
  • Click Submit

Do the steps above for port 110, type SSL/HTTPS.

Do the steps above for port 143, type SSL/HTTPS.

Do the steps above for port 465, type SSL/HTTPS.

Do the steps above for port 993, type SSL/HTTPS.

Do the steps above for port 995, type SSL/HTTPS.

If you only want to allow mail apps for certain users, then add the port access rules for only their filter set. This way you can allow mail for some users and restrict mail to everyone else.

Once you add the necessary rules, go to Commit Changes, and Restart, the device(s) should be able to get and send their mail.



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