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Adobe software updates have issues going through a proxy that requires authentication.  The update program does not know how to authenticate, or how to ask for authentication information.

Applies To

SecureSchool, ISBossBox, LibraryDoor

More Information

To let Adobe software update through SecureSchool, you need to unfilter sites and make authentication exceptions.

  1. Go to "Website Filtering" -> "Authentication Exceptions"
  2. Add an entry for and
  3. On the Authentication Exceptions page, make note of which filter set is being used for filtering Authentication Exceptions (noted in the bright teal box)
  4. Go to "Website Filtering" -> "Website Access"
  5. Select the filter set that you noted in step 4
  6. Go to "Add a Site" and add an entry for "" to be unfiltered
  7. Do the steps above for
  8. Commit your changes
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