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How do I get started using TroubleTrakkerPRO?

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Getting started with TroubleTrakkerPRO

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First you need to sign up for a free trial. If you have not already done so go to

Once you have signed up and received your username and password, go to to log in to K12USA. Select TroubleTrakkerPRO from the list of available services.

Next go to Setup Tools on the left hand menu. Then choose Manage Buildings. Here is where you will specify the name(s) of your building(s).

Then go to Manage Users. Follow the forms to create accounts for your users. Note the check box at the end of the screens which will send a welcome e-mail to new users with their account information.

If you have a large amount of users that would be too cumbersome to type, you can e-mail us a file for importing. We need the following information:

First Name
Last Name
User Name (or scheme such as first initial + last name)
E-Mail address (or scheme such as username +
Password - you can use generic password for everyone if you like, users will be prompted to change it when they log in for the first time.
Group Name - i.e. User, Technician, Etc.

This information can be sent to

Next you will need to put your users into Groups. Go to Manage Groups > Manage Users in Groups. At the very minimum you need to have the persons reporting Trouble Tickets in the Users group and at least one person in the District Administrator’s group.

Below is a description of each type of Group and what users within that group can do.

System Administrator – Persons in the group have control of all TroubleTrakkerPRO functions. Note: Do not create duplicate accounts for yourself if you are already a System Administrator. It is redundant and causes confusion.

Building Administrator – This group is normally used in districts where there are multiple buildings and a technology person in each building whose responsibility it is to assign tickets to technicians. Smaller districts, or districts where there are technicians who work at multiple districts, may not need to use this group at all.

Technology Coordinator – A person or persons in charge of assigning tickets to Technicians. This group has the ability to manage technicians, report problems, and write work reports but cannot change set up or user information within TroubleTrakkerPRO.

Technicians – This group receives Trouble Tickets and writes work reports.

Users – Users can report problems and see their own problems.

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