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How do I set up WebMailPRO as my default e-mail Internet program for mailto: links?



Windows 2000, Windows XP (using IE 8 or earlier) and Machintosh OSX users can follow the instructions that we have posted here:

Users of Windows XP (using IE 9) /Vista/7 can use the instructions below to make our web-based mail services the default E-mail program for their computer. This will allow the WebMailPRO e-mail compose window to open after you click on a mailto: link.

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  • You will need to install an third-party program called GmailDefaultMaker from CodePlex. This open source program was designed to work with any web-based E-mail software.

You can download this program here:

  • After you have downloaded the program, run the installation wizard.  When you get to the Setup Type page, just select the option: Yahoo and complete the installation process.
  • Once the application has been installed, go to your Windows Start menu and type in Notepad.  Right-click on the Notepad program and select Run as administrator and Open the txt file called "link" that by default is located under C:/Program Files > GmailDefaultMaker.
  • After you have opened the "link" txt file, delete all of the text that is in the file and replace with the following:
  • Save (replace existing file) and close out Notepad.

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