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Release Notes - Version 12092515

Release Notes

Version information


  • Version Number: 12092515
  • Beta Release Date: 09/19/2012
  • General Release Date: 10/09/2012


Major Issues / Additions


  • 6873: (WirelessTrakker) Add a feature that will allow Apple AirPlay and AirPrint work between subnets.
  • 6787: (WirelessTrakker) Create a tool to have access points scan for other SSIDs it sees, marking rogue APs and channel conflicts.




  • 6988: (WirelessTrakker) Captive Portal logs are filling up the hard drive.
  • 6970: (SecureSchool) User Auth -> Filter Sets.  Renaming Filter Set 1 does not stick.
  • 6966: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Wireless Networks.  Allow the use of some special characters in SSID names.
  • 6965: (SecureSchool, WirelessTrakker) If there is a reservation for the last address in a DHCP range, the range gets wrongly extended.
  • 6956: (WirelessTrakker) Make the reset button on the AP do something.  If pressed for 5-15 seconds, it will reset to defaults.
  • 6955: (WirelessTrakker) The firewall on the APs is causing continual problems.  Remove it since it's not used.
  • 6954: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points.  Only allow letters and numbers in AP names.
  • 6953: (WirelessTrakker) Add some users for running new services.
  • 6952: (All) Change the server that appliances connect to for updates.
  • 6951: (WirelessTrakker) Authentication using a remote SecureSchool database does not work.
  • 6948, 6943: (SecureSchool) User Auth -> IP Groups.  Cannot change the name, Filter Set, or features on an existing IP Group.
  • 6947: (SecureSchool) Setup -> Basic Setup.  Change the way the Basic Setup page functions when changing IP addresses when there are port or address forwards.
  • 6939: (WirelessTrakker) Some files are not being automatically backed up.
  • 6938: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Wireless Networks.  When doing to Active Directory, the field for "Domain Admin Password" is in clear-text.
  • 6930: (WirelessTrakker) Licensing of APs is not expiring non-licensed APs.
  • 6929: (SecureSchool) Firewall -> Bridge Rules -> List Rules.  Remove the warning indicating that rules must be placed in Bridge Rules if the appliance is in bridge mode.
  • 6927: (WirelessTrakker) The process that watches for new APs and clients crashes if it sees an IP address it does not host.
  • 6925: (Load Balancing) If the link goes down for the primary outside interface, it generates errors locking up both outside interfaces.
  • 6905: (WirelessTrakker) Run a DHCP client on each VLAN interface on each AP to aid in troubleshooting switch configurations.
  • 6903: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points.  Show the MAC address of each SSID that an AP is advertising.
  • 6879: (WirelessTrakker) If an AP is down when the controller is trying to push configs, the push will hang in some cases.
  • 6876: (Load Balancing) Speed up the process when a connection goes down to use the other one.
  • 6874: (Load Balancing) Add a dwell period to an interface that is coming back online, to prevent a "flapping" connection from causing problems.
  • 6862: (WirelessTrakker) Fix a file permission issue that causes problems with the connection to Active Directory.
  • 6859: (Load Balancing) When the primary ISP is down, DNS queries stop working.
  • 6852: (NetworkTrakker) If there are two recorders for the same "thing", when deleting one of the two it deletes the data file that both share.
  • 6847: (Load Balancing) Fix the list of services that are committed and restarted when a connection changes state.
  • 6836: (SecureSchool) Increase the maximum table size for firewall entries.
  • 6828: (WirelessTrakker) Add WirelessTrakker to the setup wizard.
  • 6715: (SecureSchool) Switching the firewall type does not commit and restart everything necessary.
  • 6695: (MessageGuard) Change the default users appliances ship with: one "tech" and one "superintendent".  The "tech" does not have permissions to view the archive.  Also, the permission to view the archive should only be able to be given or revoked by K12USA.
  • 6672: (Load Balancing) If Load Balancing expires, the firewall rules do not load correctly.
  • 6403: (Load Balancing) Add the load balancing configuration to the phonehome data.
  • 6014: (SecureSchool) The unblock form for websites is not validating email addresses correctly.
  • 3977: (SecureSchool) Task Center -> Search Control.  Google Safe Search breaks "".


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