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Release Notes - Version 13032016

Release Notes

Version information


  • Version Number: 13032016
  • Beta Release Date: 2013/03/20
  • General Release Date: 2013/03/29


Major Issues / Additions


  • 7090: (SecureSchool) Firewall -> Protocol Rules.  When editing a rule, allow the creation of a new rule based on an existing rule via "Save as new rule" button.
  • 7087: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Wireless Networks. Give a choice to have the captive portal be encrypted or not.
  • 7083: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points. Create a new interface for configuring APs that supports the new upcoming dual-band model AP.
  • 7067: (SecureSchool) Firewall -> Protocol Rules. Add the ability to make firewall rules based on filter sets.
  • 7035: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Wireless Networks. Create a way to limit bandwidth per SSID.




  • 7131: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless libraries are broken and not running correctly.
  • 7130: (NetworkTrakker) Cisco CPU & RAM checks are not running properly.
  • 7129: (NetworkTrakker) NetworkTrakker -> Notification Groups.  Editing memberships of the Notification Groups is not working.
  • 7128: (SecureSchool) Updates to new WPAD mechanism (not released for use yet).
  • 7126: (SecureSchool) Website Filtering -> Add A Site.  Some debugging code was left in the interface.
  • 7125: (All) When upgrading versions on non SecureSchool appliances, some services related to SecureSchool start anyway.
  • 7122: (SecureSchool) Firewall -> Protocol Rules. When in load balancing mode, only route traffic into the ftp-proxy if the destination port is explictly 21 or port 21 is in a list.
  • 7121: (WirelessTrakker) Tools & Tests -> Wireless Network Scan. The scan is not showing the channel of the AP that did the scan since the new AP interface was done.
  • 7120: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Wireless Networks.  Add a checkbox for enabling/disabling the bandwidth limit per SSID.
  • 7116: (All) Install missing software library.
  • 7115: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points. Show the firmware version of the APs.
  • 7113: (WirelessTrakker) Tools & Tests -> Wireless Network Stan. In a wireless network scan, mark the "channel" cell red if the channel is marked with an asterisk.
  • 7111: (SecureSchool) When in load balancing mode, increase the size of the firewall tables and make it tunable.
  • 7106: (NetworkTrakker) Network Trakker -> Graphs -> Graphs. Remove ":" from the target name when generating graphs.
  • 7101: (All) Pull anti-virus updates from the server at K12USA.
  • 7100: (VPN) When using load balancing, the firewall should skip processing packets for the VPN.
  • 7094: (WirelessTrakker) Allow flashing of multiple different models of APs.
  • 7091: (Load Balancing) Streamline transitions by changing what restarts when an interface goes down or comes up.
  • 7089: (WirelessTrakker) When upgrading APs the configuration needs to be updated on it after the reboot.
  • 7088: (VPN) User Auth -> Home Access VPN -> Configure. When there are two inside interfaces, the choice for VPN subnet may not show.
  • 7080: (SecureSchool) Each filter set should run as it's own user in the OS.
  • 7079: (WirelessTrakker) Setup -> Multicast DNS. Changing the interface list for Multicast DNS does not trigger the correct commits & restarts.
  • 7075: (SecureSchool) When switching from pf to ipfw firewall type, some services are left behind.
  • 7072: (SecureSchool) Some files were not being written correctly, which could cause a race condition.
  • 7071: (SecureSchool) Some timezone data is incorrect.
  • 7070: (WirelessTrakker) Logs & Reports -> Reports & Statistics -> Traffic Graphs. The traffic graphs for APs is improperly capped at 12.5Mbps.
  • 7066: (SecureSchool) Firewall -> Protocol Rules. Change the wording on firewall rules from "Direction" to "Arriving Through".
  • 7065: (WirelessTrakker) Change some of the remote commands that run on APs to be triggered over HTTP instead of SSH.
  • 7063: (WirelessTrakker) Unregistering users on a remote SecureSchool appliance does not work when using the captive portal.
  • 7060: (All) Nightly updates do a full commit & restart even if nothing happened.
  • 7057: (SecureSchool) Setup -> Authentication Method. Change the text on the Authentication Method selection page for the "None / IP Groups" choice.
  • 7056: (All) Setup -> Time Zone. Create an interface to set the timezone.
  • 7055: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points. If an AP hasn't checked in at all yet, hightlight it in red.
  • 7054: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points. All the APs are showing the same MAC address for all the SSIDs.
  • 7046: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points. Allow the wired interface on the AP to be statically set to a fixed speed & duplex.
  • 7042: (WirelessTrakker) Logs & Reports -> Reports & Statistics -> Traffic Graphs. Displaying traffic graphs for APs doesn't work all the time.
  • 7009: (SecureSchool) Initial work to create a way to have multiple WPAD files for multiple SecureSchool appliances on the same LAN.
  • 6945: (SecureSchool) The iPad feature does not work when an appliance uses port 3128 as it's proxy port.
  • 6956: (WirelessTrakker) Configure the reset button on the APs to do a reboot and factory reset.
  • 5696: (SecureSchool) Shutdown. Change the tab to be "Shutdown / Restart" and give options for both.


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