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Adjust the Fan Speed on SR1500 SecureSchool Appliance



The SR1500's are shipped with the fan profile set for in "Performance", which is louder than our other model appliances. If this is an issue for your environment, here are the steps to change the fan speed to "Acoustic", and reduce the noise of the fans. The fans will then adjust their speed based on the demand of the appliance, the fans will increase in speed (nosier) when the system in under a heavy load and throttle down when the load is reduced.  

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  1. Login to web interface and Shutdown the appliance. Shutdown/Reboot - Prepare Appliance for shutdown. This will shutdown the system and power off the appliance.
  2. Temporarily connect a monitor and keyboard.
  3. Power on the appliance. Press F2 when prompted, "Press F2 to enter setup". It will take a minute or so for the BIOS screen to load.
  4. When in the BIOS settings (Aptio Setup Utility), arrow right to "Advanced" and then down to "System Acoustic and Performance Configuration"
  5. Change the following settings:
     Throttling Mode          Open Loop 
     Set Fan Profile  Acoustic 
     Altitude  301 Meters – 900 Meters
  6. Press F10 when done, Save configuration and reset, Yes. Disconnect monitor and keyboard.
  7. When the appliance first powers on the fans will start off at a high speed but will throttle down after about a minute.


For more information or if you need help making this change, call and talk to one of our techs, 877-225-0100.

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