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Release Notes - Version 13101515

Release Notes

Version information


  • Version Number: 13101515
  • Beta Release Date: 2013/10/16
  • General Release Date: 2013/10/18


Major Issues / Additions


  • 7176: (SecureSchool) Tools & Tests -> Status -> Network Accounting: this is a new page using netflow to monitor traffic. This replaces the Inside Traffic and Outside Traffic pages which used ng_ipacct. Also added the Honolulu time zone as a configuration choice in Setup -> Time Zone.
  • 7182: (SecureSchool) Setup -> Secondary IP Addresses: No longer allowing netmasks.
  • 7183: (WirelessTrakker) Tools & Test -> Wireless Network Scan now properly caching data.
  • 7185: (SecureSchool) Website Filtering -> Port Access no longer sets Commit Changes flag prematurely.
  • 7186: (SecureSchool) Can now distribute cached web data among multiple drives, and separates small and large cached objects, speeding up the overall process.
  • 7188: (SecureSchool) User Auth -> Filter Sets -> View Filter Sets shows more useful information.
  • 7191: (All Services) Form fields under Setup dealing with IP address and subnets now check against each other to prevent misconfiguration conflicts and overlaps, and provide informative validation messages when data is being entered or edited if there are problems.
  • 7193: (SecureSchool) Tools & Tests -> Status -> Interface Stats: Continuously update stats feature now shuts off properly.
  • 7197: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points now requires all radios to be configured for Dual-Band access points.
  • 7202: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points: Transmission Power of radios now configured for dBm instead of mW.
  • 7213: (SecureSchool) Content Filtering -> Embedded Video block messages are now informative and describe the video provider being blocked.




  • 7176: (SecureSchool) Switch from ng_ipacct to netflow for traffic monitoring.
  • 7180: (SecureSchool) use '{self}' as the destination on the 'to me' rules in pf.conf.
  • 7182: (SecureSchool) Setup -> Secondary IP Addresses allows netmasks, this breaks things.
  • 7183: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Network scan not showing cached data.
  • 7184: (SecureSchool) Don't use mod_unique_id in httpd.conf anymore, sometimes causes Apache to not start.
  • 7185: (SecureSchool) Change flags are being set prematurely when editing Allowed Ports.
  • 7186: (SecureSchool) Allow caching on multiple disk drives, and allow option for separate caching of small and large objects for performance improvement.
  • 7188: (SecureSchool) Improve presentation of data in the Applies To: column of Filter Set list view.
  • 7191: (SecureSchool) Start organizing data in terms of flexible database driven interfaces, rather than hard-coded interfaces, for greater configuration flexibility.
  • 7193: (SecureSchool) Continually update stats feature on the interface stats page won't shut off.
  • 7197: (All Services) Refreshing web page after sending tech support emails to us re-sends the email.
  • 7201: (WirelessTrakker) Need to configure all radios for an access point, since we have to push all radio data out to dual-radio access points even if one of the radios is not active.
  • 7202: (WirelessTrakker) Keep track of radio power in dBm, not mW.
  • 7213: (SecureSchool) Show more informative block messages for the Block Embedded Videos feature.
  • 7234: (All Services) Upgrades to command line tools.


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