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Release Notes - Version 13102917

Release Notes

Version information


  • Version Number: 13102917
  • Beta Release Date: 2013/10/30
  • General Release Date: 2013/11/5


Major Issues / Additions


  • 7148: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Access Points: Added the ability to restrict SSID (Wireless Network) access to APs (Access Points). For instance, an AP in an office can only allow a Staff SSID, while an AP in a library can only allow a Student SSID.
  • 7225: (SecureSchool) Setup -> DHCP Server -> Scope Options and Server Options now have proper form validation.
  • 7230: (SecureSchool) Website Filtering -> Website Access -> Unblock Requests: Can now be bulk deleted.
  • 7232: (SecureSchool) Logs & reports -> Reports and Statistics -> Email Nightly Reports: New feature! Summary data from the Filter report can now be emailed nightly to any email address.
  • 7237: (SecureSchool) Bug in Multi-Box Administration with newly added Filter Groups not showing up has been fixed.
  • 7240: (All Services) Interface External Media configuration changes default to recommended Full-Duplex settings.
  • 7245: (SecureSchool) More reliable unblocking of individual YouTube videos embedded in such presentation sites as
  • 7248: (All Services) Setup -> Static Routes: Fixed bug that did not allow you to use the same Gateway for different Static Routes.
  • 7258: (SecureSchool) Fixed bug that made the Unblock Request Form Validation fail under certain conditions.
  • 7262: (SecureSchool) Performance improvements for large installations.




  • 7148: (WirelessTrakker) Provide the ability to select which SSIDs are on an AP.
  • 7215: (SecureSchool) Content Filtering -> Embedded Video: 'Select All' button does nothing.
  • 7222: (SecureSchool) User Auth -> Filter Sets -> View Filter Sets: Link in the Special Filtering column to Proxy Authentication Exception Sites goes to the wrong page.
  • 7223: (SecureSchool) Website Filtering -> Port Access: When a port rule is edited, not changed, and saved, the change flags are still set anyway.
  • 7225: (SecureSchool) Setup -> DHCP Server -> Scope Options and Server Options need form validation - incorrectly formatted data entered here will break features.
  • 7228: (WirelessTrakker) Wireless Settings -> Acccess Points: Show Details should indicate whether a Radio is enabled or not.
  • 7230: (SecureSchool) Website Filtering -> Website Access -> Unblock Requests: Add feature to bulk delete Unblock Requests.
  • 7232: (SecureSchool) Using the information from Logs & Reports -> Reports & Statistics -> Filter send a nightly report including the top 10 entries from TLD+1 by Size, IP Address by Size, User by Size.
  • 7237 (SecureSchool) Bugs discovered in multi-box administration.
  • 7239 (SecureSchool) Bugs discovered in command line tools.
  • 7240 (All Services) Make Full-Duplex the recommended default for interfaces.
  • 7241 (WirelessTrakker) Increase cache size for avahi.
  • 7242 (WirelessTrakker) Display configuration data for previously configured radios properly.
  • 7245 (SecureSchool) Improve filtering of embedded YouTube videos, accommodate
  • 7248 (SecureSchool) Fix bug in Static Route validation
  • 7249 (SecureSchool) Change method of manipulating auth_redirect_children
  • 7251 (SecureSchool) Fix issues with editing orgname field.
  • 7258 (SecureSchool) Fix bug in Unblock Request form.
  • 7262 (SecureSchool) Correct performance issues with ipgroup helper during startup.


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