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Release Notes - Version 15112714

Release Notes

Version information

  • Version Number: 15112714
  • Beta Release Date: 2015/12/02
  • General Release Date: 2015/12/08

Issues / Additions

  • 7813/7802: (SecureSchool) Improvements to filter set handling
  • 7812: (SecureSchool) Improvements to file extension filtering
  • 7804: (All Appliances) Repairs to service restart buttons
  • 7801: (SecureSchool) Resolve configuration conflicts between YouTube Restricted Mode and YouTube Filtering
  • 7798: (SecureSchool) Improvements to username/password fields to resolve autofill conflicts
  • 7791/7774: (SecureSchool) Improvements to NetworkTrakker Graph controls
  • 7784: (SecureSchool) Added Knowledge Base articles to make YouTube Restricted Mode setup easier
  • 7779: (SecureSchool) Repairs to Allowed Port Rule validation
  • 7777: (All Appliances) Improved top menu
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