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Release Notes - Version 16040717

Release Notes

Version information

  • Version Number: 16040717
  • Beta Release Date: 2016/04/13
  • General Release Date: 2016/04/14

Issues / Additions

  • 7872 (SecureSchool) Firewall tables.  This feature allows for maintaining a list of IP addresses that can be used in the source IP or destination IP field of firewall rules.  For example currently for servers which are unrestricted you need to make a rule for each server.  Now you can use the firewall table InternalServers as the source address in the single firewall rule then just add server IPs into the table.  There are several pre-defined tables which are likely to be all most users will need.  
    • The BlockedWorkstations table is attached to a rule that will block all internet access for a workstation.  This can be used for misbehaving or infected workstations to temporarily disable their internet access until they can be fixed.
    • The MailServers firewall table is attached to a rule that will allow SMTP/POP3/IMAP access to remote mail servers.  There are pre defined entries for common mail services like Gmail and that can be enabled or disabled.
    •  The InternalServers table is attached to a rule that allows unrestricted internet access.  You can add IPs of domain controllers or other equipment that does not require filtering to this table.
    • The ProxyExceptions table is autogenerated from the content of Setup -> Proxy Config Script.  In the past when you added to the Proxy Config Script you would need to also add entries to the firewall to allow access to those sites.  The firewall step should now be automatically handled by the firewall table.
  • 7892 (SecureSchool) Fix for Joining Active Directory.
  • 7893 (SecureSchool) Fix for 'Block all Websites Except' with SSL Intercept.
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