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Remove user from WorkTrakkerPRO and TroubleTrakkerPRO

TroubleTrakker / WorkTrakker

You have a user that no longer works for the District or was moved to a different department, so you need to remove their access to the system but you do not want to lose all of the ticket histories that user. 


Applies To
TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO


More Information

1. Begin by logging into you K12USA account as a user that has rights to manage users. (Member of the District Administrator Group).

2. If this user is a technician who is having tickets auto-assigned to them, then you will want to do is remove all auto-assignments to that technician using the Manage Technicians > Auto Assign Problems to Techs pages.

3. Go to the user’s properties using the Manage Users section and Lock their account using the setting at the bottom of the page. This will prevent the user from logging in again.

4. Remove the user from the group they are in using the Manage Groups > Manage Users in Groups section. e importantly, if they are a technician, This will stop them from showing up in the various drop-downs that are used to assign tickets to users.

5. Done - You can leave the user in the system after making those changes. We need their user information in the system so that their actions in your ticket history can be displayed properly.

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