WebMailPRO Setup on Blackberry


The mail client that comes with the BlackBerry does not properly handle outgoing mail.  It is also limited in how it displays messages since it cannot display HTML formatted email messages, which is how most email is formatted.  We've done some research into this problem and found that the best solution is to use a 3rd party mail program on your BlackBerry.  The one we've had the most luck with is called "tiggit", available at www.tiggit.com.  There is a free trial you can download and try to see if you like it and if it meets your needs.  If you like it, you can purchase it directly from them.  We've written these instructions to help you setup tiggit on your BlackBerry.  If you find another POP3 / SMTP client you'd like to use, you should be able to use most of the information in here to configure it.

Before you continue with these directions, your account must be enabled for POP3 access.  Contact your WebMailPRO administrator to get this done to your account.

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SecureSchool, ISBossBox, LibraryDoor, Blackberry, tiggit

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  1. Browse to http://www.tiggit.com/tiggitmail/ and follow the link to download the program.  This will take you to a form to complete to get a download link.   Fill in your Name, email address, and BlackBerry PIN.  They will then email you a link to install the program.
  2. After you get the email, open a browser on the Blackberry and go to http://www.tiggit.com/tiggitmail/eapcheck.html.  Enter your email address in the form and press "Submit".
  3. Click on "Over the air installation"
  4. Select the right BlackBerry / version from the list
  5. Click on "Download"

  6. You will get a verification screen that the application was installed.  Click OK.
  7. Exit the browser.
  8. Next, we're going to put the program on the main list of applications.  In the application list, find the downloads folder and open it.
  9. Highlight "tiggit" mail and press the Blackberry button, then select "Move to folder".
  10. Select "Home".  The tiggit mail program will now be on the main application list.
  11. (Optional) To get tiggit mail on the main/welcome screen of the phone, it needs to be in the first row of applications.  To do this, find it in the application list and press the Blackberry button and press "Move".
  12. (Optional) The icon will now have arrows around it.  Move it to where you'd like it in the first row, and press down on the center of your arrows or on your trackball to lock it there.

  13. Now that tiggit is easily accessible, launch tiggit.  The first time you run it, it will ask you to allow data connections from tiggit.  Select "Yes" to continue.
  14. tiggit will now launch "Network Configurator".  Let it complete, then click on "OK".
  15. tiggit will now say that you have no mailboxes defined.  Select "Yes" to run the setup wizard.
  16. Move your cursor down to "Gmail_IMAP" and select it.  This will give you a pop-up menu of options.
  17. Select "POP3"
  18. Select "Next".
  19. tiggit will now start it's POP3 setup wizard.  Click "Next".
  20. Name the mailbox something sensible (ex: POP3 - K12USA) then click "Next".
  21. Enter your fill name, then click "Next".
  22. Enter your email address, then click "Next".
  23. Enter your password.
  24. The next screen asks you to confirm the username.  Make sure that it is your email address.  If so, click "Next".  If not, click "Back" and correct your email address.
  25. Enter the POP3 server, pop3s.k12us.com, then click "Next".
  26. Enter the port for the POP3 server, 995, then click "Next".
  27. Tell it to use SSL / secure sockets by typing "true", then click "Next".
  28. Enter the SMTP server, smtps.k12us.com, then click "Next".
  29. Enter the port for the SMTP server, 465, then click "Next".
  30. Tell it to use SSL/ secure sockets by typing "true", then click "Next".
  31. Enter your email address for the username for the SMTP server, then click "Next".
  32. Enter your password again, then click "Next".
  33. The wizard will now try to test the connection to the server.  It will eventually tell you that the server certificate is not trusted.  Scroll down the list of options and select "Trust Certificate".  If any part of the certificate trust process fails, see below to manually trust the certificate.
  34. If you have a password on your key store, it will ask you to enter it.
  35. Press "OK" to allow the certificate to be added.
  36. It will then ask you again to trust the other server certificate.  Select "Trust Certificate".
  37. Press "OK" to allow the certificate to be added".
  38. When the tests finish, it will say so.  Click "Finish".
  39. You will now be back at the main tiggit screen.
  40. tiggit is now setup and functional.  We now need to make some changes to some settings to make it run better with WebMailPRO.  Press the Blackberry key and select "Settings".
  41. It will currently only download messages when you ask it to.  If you want to download messages periodically, check the box for "autoLoad" and set the "sendRecieve" period to something reasonable.  This number is in seconds.  Some suggested settings are: 300 (5 minutes), 600 (10 minutes), 900 (15 minutes) and 1800 (30 minutes).  The more often it checks for mail, the faster your battery will drain.

    You also need to tell tiggit to stay running in the background when you close it.  Scroll down to "exitPreference" and change it to "Background".
  42. To make deleting messages easier and faster, scroll down to "deletePreference" and change it to "Server & Blackberry".
  43. Press the Blackberry's Back button, and tell it to save changes.
  44. Your setup for tiggit is now complete.  Enjoy!

If you had problems trusting the certificates, follow these steps to manually do it.

  1. In the applications list, navigate to "Settings" and open it.
  2. Navigate to "Options" and open it.
  3. Navigate to "Security Options" and open it.
  4. Navigate to "Certificates" and open it.
  5. Scroll through the list to find & highlight "pop3.k12us.com, sodalite.k12hq.com".
  6. Press the Blackberry key and select "Trust".
  7. If you have a password on your Key Store, enter it.
  8. Scroll through the list to find & highlight "smtps.k12us.com, sodalite.k12hq.com".
  9. Press the Blackberry key and select "Trust".
  10. Press the "End" or "Back" keys to get back to the main screen.