Cell Phone / SMS EMail Addresses


If you want to send out text/SMS messages via WebMailPRO, or any other service, you can address them to these email addresses for these carriers.  If the carrier you need is not listed here, contact the carrier to get the correct address

More Information

Alltel: [10-digit phone number]@message.alltel.com

AT&T (formerly Cingular): [10-digit phone number]@txt.att.net

Boost Mobile: [10-digit phone number]@myboostmobile.com

Cricket Wireless: [10-digit phone number]@sms.mycricket.com

Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel): [10-digit telephone number]@messaging.nextel.com

Sprint (now Sprint Nextel): [10-digit phone number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com

T-Mobile: [10-digit phone number]@tmomail.net

Verizon: [10-digit phone number]@vtext.com

Virgin Mobile USA: [10-digit phone number]@vmobl.com

Bell Canada: [10-digit-phone-number]@txt.bellmobility.ca

Centennial Wireless: [10-digit-phone-number]@cwemail.com

Cellular South: [10-digit-phone-number]@csouth1.com

Cincinnati Bell: [10-digit-phone-number]@gocbw.com

Metro PCS: [10-digit-phone-number]@mymetropcs.com or [10-digit-phone-number]@metropcs.sms.us

Qwest: [10-digit-phone-number]@qwestmp.com

Rogers: [10-digit-phone-number]@pcs.rogers.com

Suncom: [10-digit-phone-number]@tms.suncom.com

Telus: [10-digit-phone-number]@msg.telus.com

U.S. Cellular: [10-digit-phone-number]@email.uscc.net