TroubleTrakkerPRO User's Guide


Welcome to TroubleTrakkerPRO - you are now on your way to streamlining your technology reporting, tracking, and maintenance.


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Getting Started

Begin by logging into the K12USA website.  If your school has not provided an icon for you already, simply go to

Choose your state from the drop down box

Choose your district or school from the drop down box

Next type in your username in the box provided

Type in your password in the box provided (remember, passwords are case-sensitive)

 Optionally, you may choose to check off the box that says "Remember my ID on this computer".  This will auto-fill your username and password in the boxes.  Note: This option is not recommended for computers which are not securely located or computers that are used by more than one person.

Helpful Tip: If the only service you use is TroubleTrakkerPRO, bookmark the page  This will enable you to log in directly to TroubleTrakkerPRO (without having to choose the service).

Helpful Tip: To place an icon on your school's homepage, go to for the HTML code to do so. 

Once you have logged in, choose TroubleTrakkerPRO from the list of available services


Reporting a Problem

To report a problem, complete the following steps:

Click on the "Report a Problem" link on the upper left-hand side of your screen

Next, choose the type of problem you are reporting i.e. computer, printer, network etc. using the icons on your screen.

Select a choice from the common problem types.

Fill out the form provided with as much information as possible and click submit. Note: Fields which are required will be designated with an asterisk*

You will receive an e-mail shortly to confirm that your problem has been submitted to TroubleTrakkerPRO. You will receive a second e-mail when the problem is assigned to a technician.  Another e-mail will arrive once your problem has been worked on and/or solved.


Viewing the status of your reported problems

At any time, you can view the status of problems you have reported and even see problems which have already been solved. 

To see unsolved problems or problems that are still being worked on, click on the "See Unsolved Problems" link on the upper left-hand side of your screen.  Use the drop down boxes to sort your data.  Reports can be viewed in Long, Short and List views by clicking the buttons in the Report View section.

To print reports choose "No page breaks" (for continuous reports)  or "One Report Per Page " under the Printer Friendly section.

Users can search reports by ticket number by clicking the "View Other Reports" choice on the menu