How to I stop getting reminders for overdue tickets in TroubleTrakkerPRO and WorkTrakkerPRO


Stop getting the same reminder for overdue tickets.

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There are two possible reasons why reminders are sent. If you are getting notices of overdue "tickets" that have already been solved, then there was probably a problem assigned to you and no work report was filed to close the ticket. To write a work report, go to and select your state, and organization. Then input your username and password. Select TroubleTrakkerPRO/WorkTrakkerPRO. On the left hand side of the screen click on "Write Work Report". Choose the ticket from the drop down box and fill out the rest of the form. Once this is submitted, the reminders will stop. If you are getting reminder of "Tasks" overdue, then you have probably set up a recurring task that is e-mailed to you periodically. Go to Manage Tasks and remove the occurrences of the task to stop the reminders.